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After the TOP Arnemuiden mess, the team still goes to the play-offs as the winner

After the TOP Arnemuiden mess, the team still goes to the play-offs as the winner

Oegstgeest’s TOP Arnemuiden, AW / DTV and Fiks collectively top the Hoofdklasse A / B with eight points each. Odik, the fourth team in the class, did not score the last goal. “Results against Odik are over,” Coppoolse explained.

A waste of time

According to Gopouls, one should look at mutual results with equal target difference. The home game against AW / DTV 20-17 was won by TOP, so the Walsern system thought it was in first place with a 19-17 deficit. “Not only did we think it, the referee thought it,” Cobouls said. “He thought it was a waste of time at the last minute because he knew the mutual results would be decisive.”

Number of goals scored

But according to the association, it is different. KNKV said it was not necessary to look at the mutual result, but on the number of goals scored in the mutual duels of TOP, AW / DTV and Fix. Then the coin would have fallen on the team side from Amsterdam. “We’m not going to waste time if we have to score,” Cobuls said. “Then we’ll shoot, of course.”

The word of redemption

The word of KNKV’s recovery continued on Sunday afternoon. The association told TOP that it still became a team winner. This means that against DSC, the Hoftclass A / A team winner TOP will not compete, but will compete against Avanti in the post-match. Bijnakar’s team was second behind DSC. The TOP will play home first on Tuesday, while the outfield game awaits on Saturday. Not only will the winner qualify for the semifinals of the play-offs, but the team will also be guaranteed a place in the newly formed Intermediate Class.

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