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afternoon themed at Mantingerveld. According to Rep. Henk Gummelt, the nitrogen problem is a ‘battle for space’.

Participants listened carefully. Harry Sekinga

Mantingerveld covers an area of ​​more than 1,100 hectares and there are two Natura 2000 areas in the region, Mantingerzand and Mantingerbos. Natuurmonumenten manages this area and notes that the number of insects and plant species have decreased dramatically. Eric Minkfield: …some plants and insects are completely gone or only 25% are left. These are worrying numbers.”

Mantingerzand’s juniper, which is unique to the Netherlands and Western Europe, also has a hard time. In order to prevent further deterioration of nature’s quality, according to Natuurmonumenten, the “nitrogen tap” should be closed more.

afternoon theme

On Saturday afternoon, CDA Midden-Drenthe held a thread on this issue in the area. Representative Henk Gummelt discussed the measures the county has taken to solve the problems. According to Jumelet, the nitrogen problem has become a “battle for space”, where it is important that all sectors contribute to solving this problem. Gumlet: Drenthe County is surveying the area with partners. Before we can define the tasks and approaches in Drenthe, for each district as well, it must first become clear what the actual situation is in each district.”


An attendee asked about the impact of closing several cattle farms, years ago, next to Mantingerzand. Natuurmonumenten was unable to answer this question.

CDA Midden-Drenthe believes that it is extremely important to have broad support for the actions being taken. With a fine balance between nature and economics and confidence in the efficacy of the choices that should lead to it.

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