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"Agreement in preparation: Antwerp acquires Van Bommel's successor"

“Agreement in preparation: Antwerp acquires Van Bommel’s successor”

In addition to the unlucky Ritchie De Laet, Mark van Bommel will also say goodbye to Boswell on Sunday. They are already busy searching for a successor. Moreover, clarity on the new T1 may not take long.

In recent days, it has become known that Jonas de Roeck was in first place to follow in Van Bommel’s footsteps. Although his departure has not yet been officially announced, it has now been established that the Dutchman will not complete the final year of his contract at Djörn-Nord.

Van Bommel exits and De Roock enters

Although things have been less successful this season, and the Great Old outfit failed to secure a European ticket, Van Bommel feels ready to step up after last year’s double. His former club Milan has been mentioned, although it is not yet clear where he will work next.

As a successor, Marc Overmars and his teammates are considering De Rock, with whom there have already been long-distance discussions, according to Sascha Tavoleri. This was also confirmed by him Antwerp newspaper. According to the newspaper, the former Westerlo coach is closer to reaching an agreement with Antwerp.

White smoke on Bosuil on Sunday?

“He has received an offer and the negotiations, which are going well, are in full swing. It seems that the agreement is gradually being prepared, although of course there is interest in Bosuil also for the last home match against Anderlecht. After that, everything will change.” “Gaining momentum can come.”

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After next weekend, perhaps we can expect white smoke from the outgoing national champion, who would prefer to present his replacement as soon as possible once Van Bommel’s exit is announced. Despite his “perfect profile,” D-Rock certainly faces a difficult task.