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Vlak voor de laatste speeldag duidt Johan Boskamp een andere titelfavoriet aan dan voordien: "Totaal onbegrijpelijk, een schande"

Ahead of the final round of the game, Johan Boskamp refers to a different nickname than before: “Totally incomprehensible, it’s a shame” – Football News

The title fight will be decided this weekend. On the final day of the Champions Qualifiers, three teams can still play for the champions.

If Club Brugge draws against Cercle on Sunday, they will become champions. If the Blue Black lose and Union and/or Anderlecht don’t lose, things could suddenly look very different.

Johan Boskamp has long predicted that Anderlecht would become champions, but the Dutchman is now backtracking: “I was wrong. What a joke that match against Club Brugge was,” he began his speech at Het Belang van Limburg.

“The atmosphere on the field was like a real championship game, but you didn’t see any of that on the field. If you didn’t try at all, you could never win. Rimmer didn’t even throw an extra ball.” “A completely incomprehensible striker. They had a unique opportunity and missed it. I think that’s unfortunate.”

Boskamp eventually calls for another favorite title. “Club Brugge. It’s hard for things to go wrong for them. Although they’re unlucky because they have to finish against Cercle.”

“If there’s one team that wants to destroy them, it’s Cercle. Well, as long as Hans is on this pitch, I think things will go well for the club. Do you think he should go to the European Championship? The Championship I’ve always said.”

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