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Aida had huidkanker

Aida (21 years old) with skin cancer: “I was alone when I was told”

The result

However, Aida turned out to be right. When she sees the surgeon walk in, she can read the bad news from his face. “How he got here shocked me a little bit. I hated the way his face looked, the way he sat and sighed deeply. I knew things weren't right. It was very difficult, because I was alone. There was no one to comfort me when I got the bad news.” “.

However, the surgeon eventually starts talking. As expected, he told Aida that the spot was malignant and that she had the most dangerous form of skin cancer. To sweeten the news, he tells you soon after that there are no metastases. “I reacted very calmly and said that I was actually expecting skin cancer. The surgeon looked at me for a long time. After five minutes I started to realize what was happening. Then I cried and called my mother. I was in the car and had to pull myself together to get home after that bad result .

Think deeply

Once she returns home, Aida begins to think about the cause of her illness. “I'm half Polish and very white. I've been burned in the past a few times, and I've only been white or red. I was bullied in high school because of the color of my skin, so I convinced my mother to let me go to the tanning bed. We've only gone six times, but I think that's It's one of the reasons I got skin cancer. I blame myself a little for that, but I think I would have gotten it too if I hadn't been sunbathing.

What Aida finds frustrating is that the people around her can go to the sunbeds. “A lot of healthy people go to the tanning bed. Of course I wouldn't wish anyone to get the same disease, but I've often wondered why I was the one who got skin cancer. Out of respect, my friends chose not to go anymore. I think that's very sweet. I can always “Call them. My best friend also monitors all my sites.”

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A physical and mental blow

Shortly after the poor results, Aida had to undergo surgery again. Here the last particles of the birthmark will be removed. She thinks it's terrifying. “I hated having to go through that again. That's why I deliberately chose to be under anesthesia. Fortunately, I didn't notice much of it.”

Although Aida became clean after the operation, she is still thinking about the past period. There are still a lot of moments that you are trying to process. “It all shocked me a bit and upset me a lot. I immediately stopped receiving check-ups from the dermatologist, which I found very strange. She told me that I should monitor it myself to see if it comes back. There is a higher chance that I will get the malignant spot again.”


This responsibility slowly makes Aida panic. She is terrified by every spot on her skin. She is also no longer able to do many things as she used to. “I've had to get used to avoiding the sun. In fact, I always have to seek shade. It's also advised to stay indoors when the sun is shining strongly. I also have to wear warmer clothes when the sun is shining. Unfortunately, it's no longer allowed to wear Tops, shorts, everything should stay covered.”

This often makes Aida feel guilty. Because she doesn't want to be a burden to anyone, she finds it difficult to tell friends that she can't go to the beach. “I don't want to complain. In fact, it's completely unnecessary, because they're always nice and take me into consideration too. And so does my boyfriend: he actually tells me to stay out of the sun.

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Miss beauty

Although friends and family know about Aida's situation, she keeps it to herself. Her illness is her secret and no one should know about it. However, this will change when you register Miss beauty In Limburg. “A few months ago, we were asked to choose a personal topic. I immediately thought of skin cancer, but I didn't dare choose that at first. Finally, after much hesitation, I did. I think it's important for people to know what I've been through and I hope I can Help others.

Moreover, Aida is there Miss beauty Busy for good reason. By selling old clothes, she raises money for the LINDA Foundation. “I'm selling t-shirts and shorts that I can't wear anymore because I'm at risk of being out of place again. It's so nice to be able to do something for a good cause.


She has yet to recover from the massive blow inflicted by skin cancer. While she's trying to process everything, she's constantly checking her moles. To her horror, she discovered that one mole in particular had begun to stand out again.

“The birthmark isn't big, but it's gotten very dark. I'm trying to see if it's going to keep growing, but I don't have a good feeling about it. Of course, it might also be because my experience made me panic. I just hope it's a coincidence and that everything is as it should be.” Fine, but if the spot gets darker, I'll call the dermatologist again.

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