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Alexander Plesen blames many goals against too many lines between lines - football news

Alexander Plesen blames many goals against too many lines between lines – football news

It can’t always be a party, not even at KV Oostende. That swung 6-2 against Standard last Saturday. On Sunday afternoon, KVO boarded 5-3 at KV Mechelen. Plessin sees his team swallowing a lot of goals, but according to him, it’s not just because of the defense.

“The victory is definitely worth Michelin,” Plesen congratulates the opponent. “It’s always great for the neutral spectator when there are eight goals. Last week that was the case and we were on the lucky side, now there is some frustration. I have a problem with situations that lead to scoring goals against her.”

With this, the KVO coach immediately raises one of the major pain points with his team. “With the first goals we swallow, there is no pressure on the midfield to get the long ball out and there is no cover after that. I saw that in the second half, it looked a bit tired. It was also the first time. When the weather was a little warmer.”

Fight that little voice

It may also be a mental problem. “Sometimes you have to fight that little voice that says, ‘I’m not going to take this extra step. That battle won by Michelin. At 3-3 I had a feeling that every shot is going to be a goal. You have to shoot in the posts for that.’ There are so many.” The things we can do better and we will do our best. The good thing is that the next match follows immediately. “

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However, the fact remains that KVO suddenly looks like it is swallowing up a lot of goals in the qualifiers. “This is just a statistic. I don’t give a ball about the stats. I prefer goals against, in regular competition we were the third or fourth best defensive team. If I swallow five goals, it is not just because of the back line. A lot of distance between the midfield and the other lines.”

The default bullets are not in the heads

However, it looked fine after half an hour: KVO was actually five points ahead of the competition at the time. “It sounds good, but if you get in, you lose matches. I don’t think that was on the players’ minds. He probably thought we could take it a little easier because we were 0-2 ahead.”

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