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Alicia Keys' voice missing during Super Bowl performance scanned by NFL|  music

Alicia Keys' voice missing during Super Bowl performance scanned by NFL| music

musicA vocal gaffe made by Alicia Keys, 43, while performing with Usher at the halftime show during the Super Bowl has been corrected in the video the NFL posted online. This is evidenced by viewer messages collected by the entertainment website TMZ.

Usher's halftime show has been shown on the YouTube channel of the NFL, the largest professional American football league in the United States, since Monday. Millions of people have now watched the amazing performance. However, some viewers noticed that Alicia Keys' falsetto in “If I Ain't Got You” sounds quite clean in the video. In videos that viewers have placed on X themselves, the word is accompanied by a false note 'some' It can still be heard. This means that the performance recording is still being cleaned.

look. Alicia Keys' vocal slip can be heard at around the 20-second mark

The most watched broadcast in the United States

Usher treated 60,000 spectators at Allegiant Stadium to selections from his repertoire. His most famous songs are “Caught Up,” “My Boo,” and “Yeah!” It has been reviewed. Joining the R&B legend for the special occasion was not only Alicia Keys, but also, HER, Lil Jon and Ludacris. Justin Bieber was previously expected to make an appearance as well. The Canadian singer was indeed present, but remained seated in the stands. He and his wife went crazy to Usher's tunes. Kim, Khloe and Kendall Kardashian also sang along to the songs with great enthusiasm.

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More than 123 million people watched the 58th Super Bowl on Sunday. This was announced by the American television network CBS. This makes it the most watched broadcast in the United States since the moon landing in 1969.

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