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Geheel nieuwe batterij-elektrische Toyota PROACE MAX biedt ondernemers ruimte, laadvermogen en tot 420 km rijbereik

All-new battery-electric Toyota PROACE MAX offers entrepreneurs space, charging capacity and a driving range of up to 420 kilometers – Autonieuws

  • Toyota is entering the HDV large commercial vehicle segment in Europe
  • The powertrain is completely electric and emissions-free without any compromises
  • Loading capacity up to 17 cubic metres, payload capacity up to 1500kg and trailer weight up to 2400kg
  • Different sizes and body styles
  • PROACE MAX completes Toyota’s Professional range of commercial vehicles
  • Warranty of up to 10 years, also on the battery

The all-new full-size Toyota PROACE MAX combines electric power, high payload, towing capacity and class-leading cargo space. The new HDV series completes the PROACE commercial vehicle range and provides business people with turnkey solutions for zero-emission mobility.

The new Toyota Proace Max enhances Toyota’s entire commercial vehicle programme. In addition to the compact Proace City (CDV) and mid-size Proace Worker (MDV) models, there is now also a whole large series of Proace Max (HDV) models. Toyota, along with Hilux and Land Cruiser Vans, offers a wide range of every category of commercial vehicles.

Soft and comfortable

A new battery-electric drive system gives the Proace Max a smooth, comfortable feel and makes transporting large and heavy loads possible. The all-electric Proace Max is available in different variants suitable for every task, without sacrificing function or reliability.

Durable design

The Proace Max has a sturdy design. Its unique front fascia features a stylish upper element that not only matches the body colour, but also extends around the matte black grille and flows into the front bumper. LED headlights and fog lights that also serve as cornering lights complement the powerful and brutal front.

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Six different body sizes and styles

The Proace Max is available as a pickup truck in six sizes. There are two wheelbases (3,450mm and 4,035mm), three length options (5,413mm, 5,998mm and 6,363mm) and three height options (2,254mm, 2,524mm and 2,764mm). Loading volume ranges from 10 to 17 cubic meters – the latter large enough for five European pallets. Double cabin versions are also available as an option.

In addition to being a closed van, the Proace Max will also be available as a fixed or tilt bed van. With both single and double cabin. Ideal for municipal businesses, gardeners and contractors who want to do their work without emissions. In addition, both chassis, cab and platform variants will be available, which form the basis for customized solutions such as bodywork. Integrated solutions for entrepreneurs with Toyota service and quality.

Towing capacity up to 2,400 kg

The maximum permissible weight of the Proace Max ranges from 3300 to 4250 kg for the Proace Max electric vehicle, depending on the configuration. Loading capacity is 1500kg maximum. The braked trailer may weigh a maximum of 2400kg.

Large 110 kWh battery for best performance

The Proace Max’s electric motor has a power of 200 kW (270 hp) and a torque of 410 Nm. This ensures the smooth and comfortable ride that characterizes electric driving, while the electric Proace Max is also designed for the toughest tasks. Thanks to the large 110 kWh traction battery, the Proace Max has a range of up to 420 km (WTLP). Three driving modes – Eco, Normal and Power – allow the driver to fine-tune acceleration and top speed to achieve the right balance between performance and range. Energy is recovered during braking and starting.

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Toyota shipping service

If a fast charger with a capacity of up to 150 kW is used, the 110 kWh battery can be charged to 80% of its capacity in just 55 minutes. This reduces the time that Proace Max remains stationary to a minimum. The vehicle also features a built-in 22 kW (AC) charger for convenient charging at home or work. Toyota Charging Service helps entrepreneurs provide diverse charging solutions at drivers’ homes, at work and on the road.

Warranty up to 10 years

Toyota also equips Proace Max models with an extended warranty of up to 10 years. Also on EV traction battery.