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Almost 700 cases per day in our country: "The number of omicron infections is increasing rapidly"

Almost 700 cases per day in our country: “The number of omicron infections is increasing rapidly”


The number of Umi crashes in our country is increasing rapidly. We are approaching 700 detected infections of this type per day, according to virologist Emmanuel Andre on Twitter.

In recent days, virologist Emmanuel Andre (KU Leuven) has repeatedly expressed concern about the highly contagious omikron type of coronavirus. He constantly monitors his rise and often shares new numbers. This shows today, Thursday, that we are already approaching 700 new cases per day, while there were barely 100 cases a week ago.

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Today he tweeted that more cases of surrogacy are rapidly emerging in our country. “The number of Omicron infections is increasing rapidly,” Andrei wrote on Twitter. He adds that 6 percent of positive cases are “SGTF,” meaning it has a trait that not all variants have, but omicrons do. Among those SGTFs, omikron makes up at least 90 percent. Thus, the chart he publishes leaves little to the imagination: change is quickly gaining strength.

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Furthermore, little is known about the variable of concern. There is no doubt about the high infection rate, but the question is how disgusting this alternative is.

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