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Almost all 124 holiday homes in the newly built holiday park in Nieuvvliet have already been sold

The new park, which will begin construction after the construction period, is located between Lampsyndijk, Sind Pavodijk and Nudijk, and is surrounded by camps and other parks in Newliat-Bat. It is the last major amusement park on the West Zealand-Flemish coast if it is part of the municipality of Slois. Only WaterTuns are now allowed to create new ones.

Favorable investment

Holiday homes that are full of complexity are neither fun nor comfortable. Many buyers see investing in ‘bricks’ as a positive investment or a safe retirement pot. The possibility of renting a house to tourists makes buying a second home even more attractive. A few percent of income is more than people earn interest to save in the bank.

The homes still for sale in the holiday park range from four individuals over three tons to a half-individual house for 14 to 20 people and from 7.5 tons to one million euros for group accommodation. Some even have a private pool or sauna.

The park is located around a creek. Many houses are located on the water. The project also includes a restaurant, a mini supermarket and a main building with an indoor and outdoor pool. Tormeo is investing a total of sixty million euros in the Newliat-Bat.

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