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Alternate ending “WandaVision” with Doctor Strange is now known

Alternate ending “WandaVision” with Doctor Strange is now known

per second Dr. Gharib-Movie Doctor Strange in a multiverse of madness We will probably see the story of Wanda Maksimov / The Scarlet Witch (Elizabeth Olsen) continuous. It was previously announced that Strange will debut earlier this year WandaVision And now we know how that could happen.

Benedict Cumberbatch He even signed up for his role in WandaVision, but in the end he is not invited to focus as much as possible on Wanda and change to the Scarlet Witch.

Ending with Doctor Strange seemed weird غريب
In a conversation with Rolling Stone revealed WandaVisionWriter Jack Schaeffer what the team wanted to do was strange. “The plan when I got on the plane was that there would be some kind of rendition at the end of the series and the Doctor Strange part would come into a short cameo,” Schaeffer said.

Early drawings have different versions of the two [Wanda en Doctor Strange] Ride into the sunset together. And I didn’t feel well,” According to the writer who didn’t see Strange’s cameo at the end.

“Another problem is that if Dr. Strange didn’t show up to the end, where was he all along? I loved writing different possibilities with Dr. Strange,” Schaeffer added. “There have been versions where you fly across city limits and encounter Doctor Strange, that kind of thing.”

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