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Amazon switches German Prime subscriptions to the Dutch version without asking – IT Pro – News

Amazon unilaterally switched customers with a Prime subscription in Amazon Germany to an Amazon Netherlands subscription last week. Customers complain about poor communication about this move and undesirable consequences.

Several customers with a Prime subscription for the Netherlands on received an email from Amazon last Tuesday, stating that they had successfully canceled their subscription. I moved to Amazon Netherlands. For items that were already in their cart, a shipping fee of €3.49 from Germany was charged immediately, regardless of the total amount in the cart. Customers can transfer their subscription themselves, a move that cannot be undone, but in this case Amazon migrated Dutch customers without ordering. In a conversation, Amazon Customer Service reports that 6,140 customers were involved.

These customers still have a subscription to the German Store. An Amazon Prime subscription for costs €2.99 per month. This is cheaper than an subscription, where users pay €49 per year or €5.99 per month. Many customers indicate that they still want to keep Prime on, due to the larger offer and sometimes lower prices.

Users who were not satisfied with the automatic conversion contacted Amazon’s support department. He initially indicated that he didn’t know what was going on, but would look into it. So the user got An9nymous in a to belong: “We don’t know where this came from yet, but as soon as we have an update, I can email you a comment on this.”

The notifications the Dutch saw a while ago when they opened the Prime page on

Several customers were told later on Tuesday that Prime was no longer available on for Dutch customers, so all Prime memberships were automatically transferred to In a conversation in English Report a support worker in a Panda Power That this would have been reported a year ago, but in a flawed way. “They did not give information that this step will be taken automatically after the tenth of January (January) of this year,” he added.

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It is not clear which communication from last year the help desk employee is referring to. In March 2020, began delivering products in the Netherlands; Prime subscription also renewed. Customers with an subscription were told that they could transfer their subscription, but that Prime on was unable to revert back to their previous Prime membership of the Netherlands on

Telecommunications Still on Amazon Germany. It also says “Dutch customers have their own Amazon experience on” and “Prime membership for the Netherlands is no longer available on” But it doesn’t say that existing customers can’t keep their subscriptions, and they won’t be transferred at some point in the future. An additional note also states that customers can register themselves If they want to switch their main membership to Incidentally, Belgian customers who registered for Prime on retained the option to keep Prime on, after a new registration.

Amazon Netherlands spokesperson Dirk van den Bogaert was unable to give Tweakers any clarification on what went wrong nearly four days after the transfer. He says on Friday: “We are aware of a change some customers have experienced with their Prime membership on We are currently investigating the cause and solution. We are asking customers who are concerned about the status of their current Prime membership, please kindly contact customer service.” Customer Service has promised customers who have complaints that they can expect an answer before January 20th. Some have already taken out a 5.99 euro loan.

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