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Amazon working on its quantum computer |  Internet

Amazon working on its quantum computer | Internet

Amazon, the world’s largest online store, is working on its own quantum computer. This was reported by German business newspaper Handelsblatt on Monday. “We have an internal project to build our own quantum computer and develop its software and algorithms,” said Oscar Pinter, who heads the quantum hardware teams at Amazon Web Services (AWS).

So far, technology companies Google and IBM have been on their way to commercial use of the new technology. “At AWS, we don’t usually focus on issues that lie in the distant future. We make the things our customers want us to do,” said Richard Molds, president of Amazon Brackett.

A quantum computer must provide an answer to the problem that the development of “ordinary” computers has gradually reached its physical limits. Unlike its predecessor, a quantum computer does not store information in the form of bits, which can only assume two states, i.e. one or zero. On the other hand, the qubits of a quantum computer can be both at the same time, i.e. one and zero. In theory, a quantum computer could be many times faster and more powerful than a “normal” computer.

The fastest computer in the world

Google has been working on quantum computers since 2006. In 2019, the search engine company claimed it had achieved so-called quantum supremacy because its computer, called a “Sycamore processor” with 53 qubits, performed a calculation faster than the fastest conventional supercomputer.

De Sycamore Wizard by Google. © AFP

IBM has been offering cloud customers access to its 20-qubit “Q System One” quantum computer since 2019. In June, IBM also introduced its first commercial quantum computer with 25 qubits in Europe.

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