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Ambassador Appointments | News item |

News item | 17-12-2021 | 14:30

The Council of Ministers has approved the appointment of 13 ambassadors on the proposal of Foreign Minister Nabin. These are not final until the host countries approve. The Council of Ministers has also approved the appointment of 3 Permanent Representatives to International Organizations. These appointments will take effect from next summer.

The Committee of Ministers approved the appointment of Ambassadors to the following posts:

  • Denmark, based in Copenhagen: Nienke Trooster, now ambassador to Lisbon
  • Philippines, Manila-based: Mariel Gerrard, now Head of Diplomatic Affairs at the Directorate of Diplomatic Affairs and Visa Policy
  • France, based in Paris: John Versteek, now ambassador to Madrid
  • Malaysia is in Kuala Lumpur: Jab Werner, now a flexible ambassador, currently represents the EU Political and Security Council in Brussels.
  • Malta, based in Valletta: Djokovic Adimi-Kokok, now consultant and coordinator at the Directorate of North Africa and the Middle East
  • Mozambique, based in Maputo: Elspeth Ackermann, now ambassador to Hanoi
  • New Zealand, Wellington based: Art van der Worst, now Consul General in Atlanta
  • Portugal, based in Lisbon: Margaret Limhuis, now Inspector in the Directorate of Research, Signaling and Guidance
  • Based in Spain, Madrid: Royal Niuevenkamp, ​​now Ambassador to Buenos Aires
  • Turkey based in Ankara: Job Wijnands, now Director General of Defense Ministry Policies
  • Vatican City / Holy See: Annemike Ruigrock, now Flexible Ambassador, is currently Afghanistan’s Deputy Program Leader.
  • Vietnam, based in Hanoi: Keys von Bar, now Permanent Representative to the Palestinian Authority in Ramallah
  • South Sudan, based in Juba: Marjan Shippers, now Deputy Ambassador to Bamako.
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The Council of Ministers approved the appointment of three permanent representatives to international organizations:

  • Permanent Representative of the Kingdom of the Netherlands to the Brussels-based North Atlantic Council (NATO): Thiez van der Plass, now Director-General for Political Affairs at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Permanent Representative of the Netherlands to the Paris-based Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD): Jochem Wiers, Coordinator for Economic Recession and Security in the Directorate of Economic Advisory and Policy Development.
  • Permanent Representative of the Netherlands to the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) based in Paris: Monique van Dylan, now a flexible ambassador, is currently the Ambassador for the Afghanistan Project.