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Amber Heard interview in full aired for the first time: 'There is plenty of evidence that Johnny Depp abused me'

Amber Heard interview in full aired for the first time: ‘There is plenty of evidence that Johnny Depp abused me’

The process between the spouses of former actor Depp and Heard lasted a total of six weeks. In the end, Depp was right across the board, as a result of which Heard now has to pay him compensation of about $10 million, which turned out to be €9.69 million. In an exclusive interview, todayWhich aired in full on Friday and for the first time on NBC News, the actress gives her opinion on the operation. and its results.

Social media blame

NBC correspondent Savannah Guthrie did not hesitate to ask Heard critical questions. “There is no easy way to put this in front of you,” she said. “But the jury looked at the evidence you gave them, heard your story, and then decided they didn’t believe you.” The actress responded with understanding to Guthrie’s question. She said she didn’t blame the jury. “I understand. He is a likable person and people think they know him. He is a great actor.”

The actress is pointing the finger at social media for her conviction. The hashtag #justiceforjohnnydepp and all of its variants has been shared billions of times. “Even someone who is convinced that I’m lying, they can’t even tell me that there is an honest representation of reality on social media.”

Only with ex complaints

Guthrie Heard was also confronted with the fact that no previous partner of Johnny Depp had filed complaints of physical abuse. Heard replied firmly: “Look what happened to me after I got out, will you?”

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folder with notes

In preparation for the comprehensive interview, Heard submitted a file with several documents. This includes writings from a doctor named Heard “explaining what has been going on for years and years”. The notes go back to 2011. “That was the beginning of my relationship. The notes were taken by my doctor who reported the abuse.”

The documents frequently describe alleged assaults by Depp, including an altercation in 2012 in which he allegedly “hit Heard, threw him into a wall and threatened to kill her.”

Heard’s legal team claims that they were unable to use the documents as evidence during the trial due to insufficient sources to confirm the contents of the notes, and this has been deemed “rumour”.

audio clips

Guthrie also cited the much-discussed audio clips that were played in the courtroom. One of those tapes shows Heard admitting that she hit Depp first. “It’s true I said it. But there is an answer to that. You hear my voice on those tapes, but it’s not my voice. It’s not who I am.”

“When your life is in danger, you take the blame for things for which you are not responsible,” she continued. “When you’re in a psychologically, emotionally, and physically violent situation, you can’t say, ‘Hey, this is black and white. “Because that is not the case at all if you live in it yourself.”


Those who believe in their testimony

Heard emphasized that the outcome of the recent trial – Depp was right across the board – stands behind her own testimony. That Depp continued to insist during the trial that he never hit Heard, the actress calls it a “lie.”

She openly told the interviewer how she misbehaved during the relationship with Depp, and is ready to admit it. “I did and said terrible, unfortunate things during my relationship. She acted in horrible ways, almost unrecognizable to me,” Heard said. “But I spoke freely, openly, and voluntarily about what I had done. I spoke of the horrible use of language. I spoke of being under so much pressure that I didn’t even know the difference between right and wrong. I made many mistakes, but I always told the truth. Until the day I died, I stand by all word in my testimony.

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According to one of Heard’s lawyers, the actress cannot pay compensation to Depp. “She simply doesn’t have that money,” Eileen Bredehoft previously told US talk shows. today’s show† Counsel also indicated that they intend to appeal. “And Heard has her own strong reasons for it.” So let’s wait and see if the American sample process gets a tail.

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