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AMC now accepts Bitcoin, Ethereum and two cryptocurrencies, but when will the next Dogecoin and Sheba Inu be? » Crypto Insiders

AMC, the world’s largest cinema brand, now accepts payments using Bitcoin (BTC)And Ethereum (ETH)And Bitcoin Cash (BCH) employment Litecoin (LTC).

cinema series announced in August It will accept bitcoin payments in the fourth quarter and Added in September The other three cryptocurrencies have it. Now it’s finally time, AMC CEO Adam Aaron announces via Twitter on November 12:

AMC is the first movie series to adopt coding. It is now possible to buy movie tickets online using the four cryptocurrencies mentioned above. This does not include Dogecoin (DOGE) yet. That will be then, says the CEO.

Aaron Held recently poll On Twitter to measure interest in payments with dogecoin. Almost 70% of the votes are correct. chief executive officer Later confirmed that DOGE It will also be added, but when that will remain unknown. There’s a good chance it won’t be until next year.

Then we have other popular ones same angle: Shiba Inu (sheep). He also held the CEO of SHIB Recently polled on Twitter Then even 80% of people voted for it. Aaron confirmed last week That AMC is now studying how they will accept payments with SHIB, but when that will be unknown. The CEO is not saying anything about SHIB right now.

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In addition to encryption, AMC now accepts payments through Google Pay, Apple Pay, and PayPal. Aaron reports that 14% of online ticket sales are already made via the payment methods listed above. AMC has no fewer than 593 movie theaters in the United States and 335 outside the United States.

That number fell last year because the company was battling the coronavirus pandemic. This led to a strange situation early this year when private investors rescued the company from bankruptcy by buying shares en masse while institutional investors were short I used to go. It now appears that the company is turning around.