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American fillet sandwich can lead to brain abnormalities

American fillet sandwich can lead to brain abnormalities

Image source: Wikipedia, American filet as a spread sandwich, Takeaway

Freezing raw meat products before consumption can save hundreds of cases of toxoplasmosis each year. This will save the community 10-30 million euros annually, according to the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment.

raw meat

Toxoplasmosis often results from eating raw meat, especially American fillets. This is especially dangerous for pregnant women and can lead to miscarriages, premature births, and brain and eye abnormalities in the baby. Sick or less resistant people should also be careful. According to the RIVM, a so-called toxoplasma infection can be prevented if the common spread is frozen for at least 48 hours at about minus 12 degrees.

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RIVM health care researcher Anita Suijkerbuijk prefers producers of meat products to standardly freeze their produce before they end up on supermarket shelves. This is already happening with some products.

win millions

RIVM has estimated that it would produce an estimated €10-30 million annually if raw meat products such as American Filet were frozen first. The increase is mainly due to the improvement in the quality of life, because the chronic consequences of toxoplasmosis are avoided. But lower costs for private care and education also play a role, in addition to preventing lost productivity due to illness.

Do you still eat an American fillet or would you rather leave it alone?