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Amsterdam creates space for 900 Ukrainians on ships and hotels

Amsterdam creates space for 900 Ukrainians on ships and hotels

Amsterdam will receive more Ukrainian refugees. A total of 900 places will be available this week, including on two ships that will be docked near the island of Java and in a hotel. Until now, the city had a capacity of up to 300 refugees.

Last Friday, the central government asked 25 security districts to arrange 2,000 reception places for refugees from Ukraine, half of them in the short term. In the Amsterdam-Amstland security zone, the total is now around 1,500 reception places.

The municipality says it will continue to look for new reception sites, because more people from Ukraine are coming to the Netherlands. To make sure this runs smoothly, there is now a coordination center in RAI. Refugees can apply for shelter there. In the meantime, a gymnasium is being equipped for emergency accommodation. This site will be used if a large number of Ukrainians arrive at once and there is not enough space in the hotels.

Amsterdam works hand in hand with aid organizations to create psychological care, day activities, education and employment opportunities. The city also has Location It was launched where people can coordinate supply and demand for assistance actions.

MECC Maastricht has made room for 400 refugees from Ukraine. The available hall will become a transportation site, where refugees arriving in Limburg and staying for a few days will be referred: