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Amsterdam lowers the water temperature in swimming pools

Amsterdam lowers the water temperature in swimming pools

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At municipal pools in Amsterdam, the thermostat has been set to one degree lower for a few days now. The Dutch city has taken this action in response to rising gas prices. This is what the NOS station writes on its website.


The temperature in both the indoor and outdoor pools in Amsterdam must be lowered, so the water is no longer automatically heated to the usual bathwater temperature of just over 25 degrees, NOS writes.

Swimmers’ reactions were mixed. “It’s better in a hurry. You feel like a king afterwards,” replied one swimmer. “One degree lower? Another says.

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Other measures, such as lowering the shower water temperature or shortening the shower time, are also possible. It seems like “these are the options, but that’s not a problem at the moment”.

Elsewhere in the Netherlands, too, rising gas prices have triggered measures in swimming pools. For example, some pools are open for an hour less, and the pool in Groningen imposes an “energy tax”.

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