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Amsterdam’s power grid reaches its limit due to digitization – IT Pro – News

Again, it doesn’t work that way, cable companies are allowed to pull cables like this, and that’s regulated by law. In fact, you can pat in the first meter of your front yard and backyard if they wish. Then you can shoot those cables, as it were, so you don’t dig a street, but that goes with a shaft at the distributors’ end, but even higher. You will have such additional end distributors (experienced many times) within 3 months. And you know exactly where it is, because there is a central system that contractors have to, among other things, work in order to announce when to dig.

You don’t want them to just replace the existing cables with thicker ones, because you (as a user) will not have power (if they remove the old cables). And they can’t just drill or do the directed hole for additional cable laying, because a) this costs money (and b) they need permission for it. Moreover, your substation has space for it.
Herein lies the problem. Substations are full. New substations must be built. First, you need to carefully consider where exactly this substation should be located, preferably where the large users will come in the future. Well, just think about it, I’ve been cute with that for a while. Then you have to find the land there somewhere (and find it in the Amsterdam area). You then have to apply for a permit to modify the zoning plan on that land (or move it out) and allow you to build. If you think you’ve solved this problem in a year, I’m glad you don’t work there ;).
No, submitting your own Klic report and finding contractors who will build the business for you is not the problem

They also know exactly where the power is being taken.

Now more and more with smart meters yes, but in the past it was like looking for a needle in a haystack when a cannabis farm somewhere was illegally extracting electricity. Not sure what to say with this comment ;).

Again this is just a hoax. And if this is not a hoax, they are unprecedentedly ignorant. This simply should never have happened (or contrary to what they point out, the need isn’t high at all, unfortunately no one knows this but themselves).

Not only the grid operators, but all the initiators, consultants, contractors and suppliers working in solar and wind farms, municipalities, districts and national government, they all know that there is already a shortage of grid capacity. The past five to ten years already, and that need is definitely there. And if you dig a little deeper, you will automatically read that there are several reasons why this network operator should not expect better. Could they have expected better? Could. But this is a really complicated question (with a complex answer that no one has right now). What’s the point of checking it out…