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An astonishing confession from Laura Tesoro and concerns for Eric...

An astonishing confession from Laura Tesoro and concerns for Eric…

Monday Night Winner:

Virologist Stephen Van Gucht wins the second consecutive episode.


The most popular European city for tourists has already killed Laura Tesoro in her first post, where she made an amazing confession with James Cook about a drunken evening.

Watch too. James Cook on Laura Tesoro’s Drunk Evening: ‘I threw up in my mom’s handbag’

Tuesday night’s newcomer:

Youtube: Phenomene Acid.

Best quotes:

Eric Van Lowe: “You look good there, don’t you Stephen?

James Cook: “The right between two girls on the punishment of the director.”

Van Lowe: To me it looks just like the last episode of BSC. “

Van Lowe: “I once got hit in a boat in Venice. I wasn’t wearing my gondola.”

potential girlfriend Stephen Van Gucht Still running gag. “I took a shower yesterday,” he says.

Jennifer Helen: “with your girlfriend?”

Van Gucht: “No, with lavender oil.”

Helen points Van Loi For an error to respond to: “The jury is on the lookout! Helen employment cook Take a hard pause.

Van Loi: “Exactly Kevin Costner and Whitney Houston are out Bodyguard.

cook: “And it kind of looks like this dinosaur from Jurassic Park.”

James on Jennifer in bodyguard mode. © Play4

The most beautiful moment:

He asks “Who will make it to the final round?” Van Loi for jurors. When they can’t get out, he says, “What does the dove think?” He starts a conversation with a dove cooing.

James Cook: “What are you doing now, you’re only five of there, Eric.” (JDR)

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