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Anderlecht and Standard are doing their best and keeping the title battle very exciting

Anderlecht and Standard are doing their best and keeping the title battle very exciting

Anderlecht and Standard failed to hurt each other in their Women's Super League qualifiers on Saturday. Both title contenders failed to score in a fierce match at the top level. The draw ensures that the title battle will remain very exciting, although the OHL team in particular is still on its guard. This could be a golden event in Bruges tonight.

With the leadership position at risk, the stakes were high in El Clásico.

But Anderlecht had a bad start. Virus sidelined no less than 9 players, including key pawns like Sarah Winnants, Lore Jacobs, Sevania Vatavo, and Marie Minnaert.

So it was a matter of survival for the home team, especially in the opening phase in which they struggled against Standard. But the opportunities did not materialize. Blave's blocked attempt was the most dangerous the title challenger had to offer.

In the second half, Anderlecht were able to regain balance, and for a moment they may hope to achieve more after impressing on the right flank. Thornton missed her shot after a cross from Bouabbadi.

Dangerous standard

However, it was Standard that had the best claim to victory. Substitute Toluba showed his interest in a scissor kick, but it did not find the target. After a good move from Plev, Vonn had to head the ball into the net, but it fell a few centimeters away.

The visitors salvaged a last-ditch effort for victory and thus a commanding position in the final minutes.

First Toluba tried to score an Olympic goal, but Waldbilig was alert and pushed it wide of the crossbar. Shortly afterwards, Standard's number 7 attempted a long free-kick, and once again the Anderlecht goalkeeper came up with the answer.

Van Eende and a deflected cross also did not deceive Anderlecht's final goal.

Thus, the match ended as it began in a goalless draw. At the moment, Anderlecht are one point ahead of the OHL, who can go top tonight with a win over YLA.

Watch post-match reactions here

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Stage after stage

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End: Anderlecht 0-0 Standard

The first player ends with the same score she started with. Despite the nine illnesses, Anderlecht survived the derby and secured a point. After a mediocre first half in which they had to take the game more, they also had to wait for scoring opportunities in the second half. The home team regained its balance, but there were no real chances. Even in the final stage Standard made a last attempt for victory and the leading position. But Anderlecht goalkeeper Waldbillig was not surprised by Toluba's attempts.

The status now looks like this:

1. Anderlecht with 35 points
2. Leuven with 34 points
3. Standard 33 points

Tonight, the OHL can only become leaders if it wins the Club YLA.

90+3': Welfare of Waldbillig. Once again, the Anderlecht goalkeeper went too far with a cross, but during the match she flew towards a record player. She has difficulty breathing for a while and needs to recover, but she can continue.

And the dubbing was almost surprised!

90+1': Panic in the Anderlecht tent. It gets very hot in front of Waldbillig's cage. She was almost caught off guard by her teammate, and was fortunately in the path of Standard's cross.

Liverpool saves a point for Anderlecht

Almost toluba!

89': Anderlecht substitute looks to pull off an upset with a free-kick too wide by kicking it straight into goal. Her attempt is very good, but Waldbillig still has enough time to retrace her steps and push the ball towards the crossbar. What an opportunity!

Standard are now making a real bid for all three points and the leadership position.

Toluba takes a direct corner kick, but it bounces off the goalkeeper

Waldbilij prevents 0-1

84': Toluba fires a corner kick towards goal. Al-Dubailij is alert and prevents an Olympic goal from being scored. She hit the ball under the crossbar for a corner kick.

82': Guelders is well served into the lane and can head towards goal, but that's beyond Deleuze's calculations. With the final tackle she clipped the ball away from under Guelders' feet.

Vaughn can't nod his header to the far post after a good move from Blave

Vaughn misses with a header!

77': After her good movement, Blev is able to put the ball well in front of goal. Vonn does everything she can to direct the ball towards the goal: she jumps, snaps her neck hard, but her head misses the ball. There was more to it!

76': In addition to the music, we now also have Zhang on the field. Vocals Bikoula replaces Allie Thornton at Anderlecht.

Toluba with a bike kick

72': Toluba tries amazingly. On a high ball and in difficult circumstances, she turns with her back towards the goal to execute the scissor kick. Nice move but the ball goes wide of the goal.

Anderlecht won't put the ball in the net at the moment

70': A corner kick from Anderlecht is headed at the first post and falls at the second post. Shot on goal blocked by Cotterels.

66': It's time for Anderlecht's top scorer. Justine Delabre can look for a goal, and the damaged Wagenbloom goes sideways. She limps a little and feels disappointed that she had to abandon her rival. With a strong kick the gym bag should fall.

63': Ouzraoui almost managed to break through the Standard defence, but her push into the back of the last Standard woman was wrong.