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Anderlecht explains Harwood Bellis' early departure: 'Creating more space'

Anderlecht explains Harwood Bellis’ early departure: ‘Creating more space’

Although it has been in the pipeline over the past few days, it is still somewhat surprising that RSC Anderlecht has already decided to end Taylor Harwood-Bellis’ lease term. The defender only came from Manchester City last summer. However, the Board of Directors assures Purple & White supporters that this decision will benefit their youth.

Primarily, CEO Peter Verbeke insists there is nothing wrong with the qualities of the Harwood-Bellis football team. “Taylor has very great potential and he has performed well for us,” the Anderlecht strongman agrees club site. The numbers also prove that since the England manager has been allowed to appear a total of nineteen times, essentially as a key force.

However, Verbeek sees another reason to send Harwood-Bellis away now. “By letting him leave, we’re creating more space for our coaching players like Delcroix, Kana and Debast,” he explains. This undoubtedly sounds like music to fan ears, because in recent months there’s been some grumbling that the boys from Nerbed have been under-represented.

Although Harwood-Bellis is still a small pony at 19, it is clear that he has a lower financial value to Anderlecht as a long-term charter player. The Briton does not need to despair, because Manchester City has already found a solution for him: he will work in Stoke City, also on rent.