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Anderlecht fans cross the line again at Jan Breidel

Anderlecht fans cross the line again at Jan Breidel

Anderlecht fans have regularly made it crazy in recent years. Unfortunately, a few miscreants in the visitors' section failed to behave properly again on Sunday at Jan Breidel.

Little attention was paid to the incidents this time, but just before kick-off, a number of RSCA supporters traveling along the road set off smoke bombs. However, before and after the tense classic against Club Brugge, some went a little further.

RSCA fans throwing flares

Finally, those present saw how the torches also ended up in the stalls of neighboring houses. Although no photos were found there, many Blau Zwart fans are complaining on social media about the misconduct of their rivals from Brussels.

They are calling on Lorin Parys and the Pro League to take action. In this way, camera images can be used to identify and punish the people responsible. Many Anderlecht supporters also condemn the facts in question.

Punishment for Anderlecht?

So we'll have to wait and see if the whole thing sticks, and if Anderlecht themselves will bear the consequences. After all, the match still had to be played behind closed doors at Lotto Park before the riots against Standard in December.

In principle, this was going to happen during these qualifiers, but in the end Anderlecht managed to postpone it until the post-season. It seems that this is not a good sign for the hardcore rioters who unfortunately have not learned their lesson yet.

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