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"Anderlecht is shocked to receive bad news about the transfer of millions" |  Football 24

“Anderlecht is shocked to receive bad news about the transfer of millions” | Football 24

Wednesday 16 March 2022 – 20:00 Me by the editorial board

Anderlecht is still fully playing in the league and cup, but they are already looking at next season with half an eye.

In this regard, there was particularly bad news from Switzerland. Because in Lausanne nowadays he plays Adrien Trebel, the money louse in purple and white fur. The surplus midfielder was loaned out until the end of the season.

An excellent solution for the exemption from (part of) his astronomical wages of two million euros. With no purchase option in the lease, Anderlecht had to hope Trebel would do so well that Lausanne would take over permanently.

After all, the Frenchman still has a contract in Brussels until mid-2023. But now Triple appears to be drowning with Lausanne, the last term. It shows absolutely no added value according to La Dernière Heure He will soon return to Anderlecht. Big financial loss.

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