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“Anderlecht receive news about Schmeichel and Delaney”

“Anderlecht receive news about Schmeichel and Delaney”

Anderlecht’s summer transfer window looks set to start soon. After all, Sports CEO Jesper Fredberg’s plans seem to depend largely on the decisions of some uncertain strongholds. But with Belgium and Denmark out of the European Championship, decisions can be made.

Zino Debast can now complete his move to Sporting Lisbon, while Jan Vertonghen, Kasper Schmeichel and Thomas Delaney can also start thinking about their future plans. Anderlecht will now receive news on whether the latter two will stay or not.

Schmeichel could go to the Premier League

Danish middle wide He writes that there is currently no indication that Schmeichel will re-sign at Lotto Park. The 37-year-old goalkeeper signed for a pittance a year ago because he certainly wanted to secure his place in the starting line-up in European competitions, but he will now demand much higher financial demands.

Furthermore, Schmeichel has been firmly considering a return to the Premier League in recent months, and the first opportunity to do so has already emerged, Wolves reported. The club are said to have already made the first contact with Schmeichel’s camp.

Delaney wants to make an effort for Anderlecht

Anderlecht will therefore have to look for a new goalkeeper. On the other hand, the chance of Thomas Delaney returning seems to be increasing. The midfielder was signed last season from Sevilla, who do not have very high demands for a permanent transfer.

It seems that Delaney’s wage demands alone were the stumbling block. But now Spanish journalist Fernando Serrano reports that the players are willing to make a financial effort to reach an agreement. In this way, both parties seem to be getting closer to each other. Anderlecht would be willing to transfer a transfer fee of €1 million to Sevilla.

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