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Android 13 allows two phone numbers

useful! Android 13 allows you to put two phone numbers on your smartphone.

Many people have a business number and a private number. Often you need two smartphones for this. Android has come up with a useful solution and soon it will be possible to put two phone numbers on one smartphone.

Android 13 with my phone number

On some Android phones, it is actually possible to put two SIM cards in one device. However, we are increasingly using eSim. This is the alternative to the physical SIM and is located directly in your device.

The website Esper found it in the latest version of the Android code google Comes with a solution for this. The company comes with “Multiple Profiles Enabled”, also known as MEP. Current eSims are already capable of using MEP. But then you can use only one number (active use). Actively running two different numbers is not possible with this. This is possible with the new code. Then you can link two numbers from different providers to your eSim.

development stage

Android 13 It is still in the development stage. Various functions are tested and adapted. Sometimes it happens that they do not reach the finish line. We’ll never see this in a regular Android update. However, many experts hope that MEP will become available to the general public. This is partly because Google already filed a patent in 2020. Past history shows that this is an indication that the company is taking it seriously. Let’s hope Android 13 brings this feature to us.

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