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Android provides the clearest conversation ever with a new feature

Android provides the clearest conversation ever with a new feature

A new feature for Android that makes your phone conversation more clear. But what is it and how do you operate it? Editor Dennis Mons wants to tell you all about it!

Believe it or not, in these “I’ll text you, someday, someday” times there are still people who actually use the phone as a phone. After all, it is the fastest way to find out something, or to hear the voice of a friend or another loved one.

Android now looks crystal clear

Thanks to the latest Android 13 Quarterly Platform Release (QPR1 Beta) update, background noise is automatically filtered out. The new feature is called clear contact; It works, as far as we know thanks to the blogger Michael RahmanOn almost all networks.

Rahman has already found the setting manually in the settings of his Android phone. Remarkably, the feature only works via a phone call via a telecom provider. His device gave a message that it was not available for calls over Wi-Fi (which a lot of people do too, for example, Whatsapp).

Thus, the question also relates to whether the feature will be available for communication via Whatsapp or even Facebook Messenger, but if it is just a software update in Android, this is certainly not excluded.

Just like Google Meet

The new feature is very reminiscent of an update Google is dead I got. This suppressed one sounds like writing, a door closing, an echo of a voice, or even a hand working nearby.

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clear contact So it can be tried after update, but some knowledge of ADB is required (Android debug bridge). ADB ensures that you can install and debug applications with some ease (and knowledge) and gives you access to a file Unixshell that allows you to use command lines to access hidden functions.

Android Quick Menu
Dig deeper into your Android device (Photo: Unsplash)

very calm?

The question now is whether the feature will be rolled out to everyone. Plus, there’s another mystery: how well this works with headphones that already have noise cancellation anyway. If these two devices go hand in hand, this could be a revolutionary step when it comes to the quality of the phone.

We will definitely be using ADB from the Android SDK to see how well Clear Calling works. Because if we like something, it detects the features on our Android phone Can’t find it right away.

It is not yet known when the Clear Calling feature will be released to the general public.

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