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Angelina Jolie sold her vineyard stakes with Brad Pitt |  Famous

Angelina Jolie sold her vineyard stakes with Brad Pitt | Famous

Tenute del Mondo, the wine division of the Stoli Group, announced Tuesday that it has bought shares of Angelina Jolie. How much did they pay for half of the generosity they were not given.

Château Miraval is a vineyard in the south of France famous for the Mirval rose. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie bought the property in 2008, but due to their divorce, Jolie wanted to sell their shares as soon as possible. Since her separation from the actor was not officially completed yet, the judge initially did not allow the sale. In the end, after submitting a new application, the actress finally got her way.

A triumph, her ex-husband Brad Pitt was not happy about that. He is now suing Angelina because he wants to remain a majority shareholder. When the two actors bought the farm in 2008, Pete owned 60% of the stock. Angelina Jolie had only 40% on her hands. In 2013, the actors redistributed the shares of the vineyard. Brad Pitt sold his 10% stake to Angelina for a symbolic amount of one euro. A deal the actor now wants to back out so he can regain control of the majority of the shares.

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