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Another power supply stopped

Another power supply stopped

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Historically high prices for electricity and natural gas are once again forcing energy suppliers to throw in the towel. Echo – a small supplier – says it will halt activities.


Echo is a small supplier, but has been active in the three regions. On the client’s website, the company says that it will cease its activities. Unfortunately, due to the sharp rise in electricity and gas prices since the beginning of January 2021, we are no longer able to supply our customers with energy.

Brussels energy regulator Brugel confirms that as of March 1, Aeco has been denied access to the grid. In Wallonia, the procedure for withdrawing the import license is said to have begun.

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In Flanders, Echo is a very small supplier, with about 500 customers for electricity and 100 customers for gas. Despite the message from Eco that it will stop, Flemish energy observer Frigg is not aware of this, apparently. “We have no ongoing procedures,” a spokeswoman said.

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