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Another riot in Belfast, Prime Minister Johnson expresses disgust

Pro-British rioters again misbehave in Belfast, the capital of Northern Ireland. A group of youths hijacked the bus and set it on fire. Police were also stoned.

That’s the first Last week Restless in Belfast. Cars were set on fire and dozens of police officers were injured. Pro-British rioters are angry over the post-Brexit customs border between Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK.

The Protestant Northern Ireland Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) and the pro-Irish party Sinn Fin have accused each other of adding fuel to the fire. For example, the DUP says rioters are acting out of frustration at the court’s decision not to prosecute Sinn F ஃin’s party members for violating corona rules at a major funeral last year. On the contrary, Sinn Fine says the DUP’s approach to the customs border is causing problems.

British Prime Minister Johnson said on Twitter that he was “deeply concerned” about the outbreak of violence in Belfast. “Of course about the attack on the police protecting the public and institutions, the attack on the bus driver and the attack on a journalist. Disagreements must be resolved through dialogue, not violence or crime.”

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