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Another setback for LK Vanhoof: BMX star breaks wrist in New Zealand

Another setback for LK Vanhoof: BMX star breaks wrist in New Zealand

The new BMX season has kicked off for LK Vanhoof. Literally and figuratively, the two-time Olympian suffered a broken wrist and concussion during a fall in the New Zealand heat in Rotorua.

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VanHoof, 32, was hit by a rival in the first round and knocked to the ground. “I'm glad it doesn't affect me anymore,” she responded on social media.

Vanhoof will return to Belgium today where he will undergo surgery. It was yet another misfortune for the two-time Olympian.

His hunt for an Olympic ticket was also hampered when he fractured his spine three times in Papental in June last year, causing him to miss the European Championships and the World Cup.

This injury further compromises her chances. She can't collect points at the World Cup now, which will probably happen at the World Cup in America in mid-May.

Vanhoof has already competed in the Games twice. The former European champion finished sixth at the Olympic Games in Rio 2016 and eleventh at Tokyo 2020.

His race to Tokyo also had many hurdles. The after effects of a severe concussion resulted in near disqualification.

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