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Antwerp without Alderweireld and Botez face Porto seeking revenge: “It will be a different match” |  Champions League 2023/2024

Antwerp without Alderweireld and Botez face Porto seeking revenge: “It will be a different match” | Champions League 2023/2024

UEFA Champions League – Round 4 – 11/07/23 – 9:00 PM

Antwerp will play in Porto tonight in the fourth round of the Champions League. At the end of October, Porto won 1-4 in Antwerp. The Belgian champion gained confidence in the summit match against Genk on Saturday. Catch the concert here from 9pm or listen on Radio 1.

  1. In advance, 2 p.m. 52.
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  3. Up front, 11:40 a.m., a bad rehearsal for Porto. Antwerp had a good dress rehearsal with a 3-2 win in the top match against Genk. The Portuguese are still licking their wounds after the dramatic league loss last Friday at home to the Red Lantern Estoril: 0-1. The players have something to make up for with the fans. Coach Conceicao goes back to the basics: “Work hard, and then goals and victories will follow.” .
  4. Up front, it’s 11:37am, and the Antwerp game will serve as a reference point, although I think it will now be a completely different game. It’s up to us to control the game and win. We have to work hard, then goals and victories will follow. Porto coach Sergio Conceicao.
  5. Up front, 11 a.m. 36. We give equal importance to every match. We want to get the three points to get closer to our goal of reaching the final 16. Porto coach Sergio Conceicao.
  6. In advance, at 9:55 a.m., if you lose, the top two positions will disappear. With 0 points after 3 matches, Antwerp will certainly be out of the race for the top two places in Group H if they lose tonight. The top 2 continues in CL. But third place – and a parachute into the Europa League – remains a possibility. The Antwerp team will then have to beat Donetsk and rely on the Ukrainians not collecting too much. Shakhtar will play its home match against Barcelona in Hamburg tonight at 6.45pm. If the Spaniards win, they will be guaranteed access to the 1/8 finals. .
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  16. In advance, at 09:56, there is no Alderweireld and Butez. Antwerp will soon leave Liege for Portugal, where it will face Porto tomorrow evening. The Belgian champion leaves captain Toby Alderweireld and first goalkeeper Jan Botez at home. The defender suffers a minor injury. Botez stays with his pregnant wife. Normally, Senne Lammens would now be under the crossbar. Antwerp makes its debut in Champions Ball. He has not yet managed to score any points: 5-0 in Barcelona, ​​2-3 against Shakhtar Donetsk and 1-4 against Porto. .
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