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Anuk is frank about the 'Voice Kids' scandal: 'I myself was in the shoes of those women' |  showbiz

Anuk is frank about the ‘Voice Kids’ scandal: ‘I myself was in the shoes of those women’ | showbiz

showbizAnouk, 47, sat alongside Ali B and Marco Borsato at The Voice of the Netherlands. Since their sexual assault allegations, the singer has left the show behind. She described it as a “mess”. In Vogue, I spoke candidly about the situation for the last time. “I myself have been in the place of these women.”

Anouk told Vogue that she hadn’t tried the show as “toxic” at the time. “Not at all. It’s TV, so you sometimes see people act differently when you turn on the camera. I can’t handle that well. But I had so much fun with Ali that I persevered and started really liking him.”

That pleasure vanished like snow in the sun after a phone conversation with the rapper. “I spoke to him again on the phone. He said, ‘Ah, this all happened a long time ago. So he admitted it, but behaved curtly about it, and waved at it. Then I knew enough,'” says the singer. That phone call was the last contact between the two of them.

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Jury members for The Voice of Holland 2015: Anouk, Ali B, Sanne Hans and Marco Borsato. © ANP Kippa

The fact that Anuk herself once had to deal with the infringing behavior makes it very painful. “I myself have been in the place of these women. If I want, I can make thirty or forty statements. I’m not talking about the time when I was already known, but about the period before that, when I was 14 or 15. Once I broke through, Nobody could make me anything anymore, I was tighten”, testifies. These were different times, according to the singer: “It was normal, I coped with it. That’s why I think it’s so good to see young people now see things differently.”

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