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Apple Music Replay ’22 is already available

While Spotify users still have to wait until the end of the year, Apple Music subscribers can discover the most played songs, albums, and artists starting today. Apple Music Play Already available and updated every week. This way you can track the evolution in your listening behavior.

Every year in December, the entire internet is turned upside down Spotify wrapped Checks. This Spotify feature tracks which 100 songs you’ve listened to the most and which artists you can’t let go of all year. Apple Music also has its own function, although this music app will do it differently from now on. Apple Music Replay ’22 is already available now and will change until the end of the year, according to reports 9to5Mac.

Apple Music Play

The in-app functionality comes in the form of a playlist. It collects hundreds of songs played that year, so you can listen nonstop to songs that have guided you all day for the past 47 days (so far). In some cases, the app will say that you haven’t listened to enough music to create a playlist, so it advises you to search for more music.

This playlist is a bit like a file on repetition-Job spotify, but it’s still different. The list consists of 100 songs instead of 25 and tracks a user’s listening behavior over the course of a year rather than several weeks. This way, Apple Music subscribers can listen to their annual public view every week, no matter what month is on the calendar. In addition, there is also a file external site Where Apple Music provides more information about listening behavior and the artists in the list.

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