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Apps in Google Play will soon require privacy labels

Apps in Google Play will soon require privacy labels

Starting in April 2022, Google will require developers to give “app privacy labels”. Labels should indicate what user information the apps collect and what exactly is being collected. Developers should also provide a privacy policy from the same month, even if their apps don’t collect data.

Developers can upload the required privacy information from now on. Rather, they are responsible for the correctness of the information. Google will verify and agree to the privacy labels and information provided. If no approval is granted or granted by April 2022, updates may be rejected or applications may not be allowed on the Play Store.


A preview of the privacy information that will be mentioned is already available. Developers can decide what information is collected, whether applications do not share information with third parties and how data is stored. Developers can also explain what the data is used for and whether the data must be provided for the app to work. The list also provides information about whether or not the app is encrypted and whether the app complies with Google’s “Families” policy.

Google is late with privacy labels

Google has been relatively late in making the submission of privacy information mandatory. This obligation has been on Apple since the introduction of iOS 14. Here, too, app developers must indicate what data they collect and what they are using it for. Also, app developers must now give users the option to allow apps to monitor their usage behavior.

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