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Are you looking for a cheap Samsung phone?  There’s a good chance it comes from China

Are you looking for a cheap Samsung phone? There’s a good chance it comes from China

It appears that Samsung is planning to produce more of its cheap smartphones designed and produced in China. The company may outsource a quarter of its smartphone production to Chinese companies this year.

Samsung will manufacture its own cheaper models according to the Chinese website electrical (Translation via Robot body) increased this year from 44 million to 67 million copies. In addition, another 28 million units will be manufactured in Vietnam. If the rumors are true, production of a quarter of all Samsung phones made this year will have been outsourced to so-called original device manufacturers (ODMs).

Samsung’s production strategy is not new. Since 2019, the South Korea-based company has been outsourcing the design and production of its low-end phones to original design manufacturers (ODMs). Samsung reportedly did this to save costs, while high-end phones (such as the upcoming Galaxy S25 series) are simply manufactured within its supply chain.

Better prices have a downside

Consumers can reap the benefits of Samsung’s production strategy, as it produces affordable phones, but there are also risks. Companies that design and produce Samsung phones could, in theory, choose cheaper, lower-quality parts. This way, they can in turn increase their profit margin.

In any case, if you’re planning to buy the upcoming Galaxy S25, don’t be afraid to get your hands on a phone from China. According to other rumours, the camera island sensors on the back of the Galaxy S25 Ultra will be upgraded.

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More resolution

While the S25 Ultra has a 200-megapixel camera, just like its predecessors, all the telephoto and ultra-wide lenses are used according to Rumor Significantly upgraded. They will all have a 50-megapixel lens. For comparison, the Galaxy S24 Ultra’s ultra-wide lens is 12MP, and only one of the two telephoto cameras is 50MP. This would make a big difference in the resolution with which the cameras can capture images, if the rumor is true.

There has been a lot of hype around Samsung in recent days. For example, the design of the yet-to-be-announced Galaxy Watch 7 was leaked and a contract was issued requiring repairers to report Samsung phones containing non-original parts.

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