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Ark: Survival Ascened releases on November 30 on PlayStation 5 – Games – News

The current launch is full of… special stuff.

Until literally the last day, it is also impossible to host servers yourself, and they can only be released under a license from Nitrado (paid). The backlash from the community has reversed this.

Official servers…a disaster. From congestion, to constant crashes, to extremely slow/rubber servers (which run about 30% slower in real time), non-stop decay timers resetting, buggy bosses/tamers (the dragon doesn’t land), and a bunch Extensive cheaters/glitches, ‘ini hacking’ (just console commands… but that’s what they call them) in PVP, and now the whole cheating debacle. Yes, the Windows version doesn’t have anti-cheat software, but that doesn’t matter much for the Steam version, because within a week they already had working bypasses for Battle-Eye. “Yes, but get there early,” for a game that’s almost 10 years old.

The original game is rated good to very good on all platforms

Steamed for sure? They put hundreds of bots in there, and played for about an hour with positive reviews, so that the “real” reviews (from people with 1,000-15,000 hours in the game) are forgotten.

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