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Arnold Bergmans' column: a source of laughter and street talk

Arnold Bergmans' column: a source of laughter and street talk

February 21, 2024 at 12:15 pm


There is a new phenomenon that is brimming with joy in our streets and putting our associations in a state of excitement. A phenomenon so common but so interesting that it has become the number one topic of conversation in waiting rooms and meetings: the art of banana etiquette.

Yes, you read that correctly. The humble banana, once just a simple piece of fruit to eat, now has a whole new meaning. It's no longer just about what you eat, but how you eat it – a delicate dance of courtesy and elegance.

It all starts with perfect exfoliation. No more dirty peels and having trouble peeling the fruit. No, the modern banana eater knows it's all about removing the peel smoothly and gracefully — like opening a present on Christmas morning.

But the real fun only begins when you catch the banana itself. There you are, with a yellow banana in your hand, ready to show what you've got. Then the question arises: how do you eat it? From top to bottom? Bottom up? Or maybe even circular motions to reveal the secret of bananas?

These questions are not only the subject of heated discussion on the street, but have also given rise to a wave of creative experiments. Some argue that eating bananas in public has become an art form, a performance worthy of attention. Others see it as an opportunity to showcase their unique style and personality – from the 'elegantly swirling banana' to the 'elegant bite in one motion'.

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So let's embrace banana etiquette with open arms and a big smile. Let's enjoy the conversations it sparks, the laughs it causes, and the connections it creates.

Because in a world full of chaos and fears, there's always room for a little fun – especially when it comes to bananas.