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As the president’s motorcade passed, U.S. Secret Service agents cracked down on the activist

American abortion law has come under pressure in recent months and is causing a stir in the United States. A young woman in Los Angeles wanted to express her opposition to toughening the law, and as Joe Biden’s presidential parade passed through the city, he shouted through a megaphone that the ban on abortion would not stop abortions. However, a secret service agent immediately intervened and threw the woman to the ground before she could finish her message.

The young woman resisted and was handcuffed and stabbed several times in the face before being arrested. “The incident is under investigation,” the secret service said. “No harm to the motor rally or our supporters.” According to ABC NewsReporter Josh Haskell, who shared footage of the incident on Twitter, said the president’s vehicles at the motor rally were empty when the woman passed by.

President Joe Biden traveled to California on Wednesday to attend US summits and international summits that bring together heads of state and heads of state from North America, Central America, South America and the Caribbean.


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