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Aster Nzimana comes to a stark conclusion: “They don't belong here” – offside

Aster Nzimana comes to a stark conclusion: “They don't belong here” – offside

After his shift to VTM, Aster Nzeyimana is tasting “two worlds” more than ever. Of course, football remains his biggest passion, but the entertainment part also fits Nzeyimana like a glove. However he had just made a difficult decision.

New world or not entirely?

It has been almost a year since Nzeyimana finally closed the doors of Reyerslaan behind him and headed to VTM. Aster was immediately allowed to appear on The Voice, one of the masterpieces of commercial broadcasting.

A new world, you might say, but not quite. Aster was also published in VRT, among others, for the program “Those Were the Days”, a program about the best discos of the past. In The Greatest Dancer, he goes in search of the greatest dancing talent in Flanders.

Tripe exhibitions?

Previously, Aster and Lize Feryn also gave successful performances as robots in The Masked Singer. But he said this was not worth repeating story.

“We mainly wanted to enjoy ourselves. After that, Liz and I received many requests to perform at tripe fairs, but we refused. We just sang a song again on the radio show Ukraine 2020. We immediately realized: we don't belong here,” it sounds like With a lot of introspection.

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