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Attorney Derek Chauvin requested an acquittal in the closing argument

Attorney Derek Chauvin requested an acquittal in the closing argument

Derek Chauvin’s trial in the George Floyd death case is coming to an end. In his closing argument, the lawyer for the former police officer asked for his client to be acquitted.

Chauvin is the policeman on trial for the death of black man George Floyd in May of last year at an intervention in Minneapolis. Chauvin curbed Floyd for 9.5 minutes with his knee by his neck. The man muttered that he could not breathe, but Chauvin did not release him. He is being tried for premeditated murder.

According to his defense, Floyd died as a result of an overdose and heart problems. So the lawyer for former police officer Derek Chauvin asked for an acquittal in his closing argument. The guilt will now be examined by a twelve-member jury, but it remains to be seen how long that will take.


Minneapolis and thus the rest of the United States is holding its breath. Should Chauvin be acquitted or a reduced sentence, he feared new riots. More than 4,000 men stand ready to protect peaceful protests and to control any riots. Minnesota gets clients from neighboring states to support it. Police forces are also preparing in other cities across the country, such as New York, Chicago and Washington, DC. Hundreds of National Guard members have been drafted in several states.

Activists have already indicated that they will take to the streets regardless of the outcome of the trial. In several places in Minnesota, groups are already arguing to demand justice for Floyd W. Down Wright, The 20-year-old black man who died in a police intervention near Minneapolis last Sunday.

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Repertoire of the profession

Chauvin’s defense took advantage of the protests shortly after the jury began its deliberations to ask the president of the court to declare a “wrong trial,” an invalid trial. Attorney Nelson referred, among other things, to a speech that Democratic Congressman Maxine Waters gave last weekend during a rally after Wright’s death. She is said to have made “threats to the jury” and “threats of violence”. Waters said that protesters should continue to take to the streets and fight for justice. “We need to be more proactive.” “I hope we get a verdict that says guilty, guilty, guilty. And if that doesn’t happen, we can’t leave,” she said of Chauvin’s trial.

The judge refused to declare the trial null, as it is believed that jurors will not follow the news or allow themselves to influence, but acknowledged that Waters’ verdicts may remain an issue later on. “Congressman Waters may have given you something that would allow you to cancel this process on appeal,” said Peter Cahill. I would like the elected officials to stop talking about this issue, especially in a way that does not respect the rule of law and the judiciary. Their failure in this is appalling.

Chauvin faces a 40-year prison sentence.