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Aurora borealis opportunity tonight ‘Strong solar flare on its way to Earth’

Aurora borealis opportunity tonight ‘Strong solar flare on its way to Earth’

Regional – A strong solar flare is on its way to Earth and will reach Earth overnight through Sunday. The chance of aurora borealis is increasing, even over our country! A solar flare is expected by evening, with the aurora borealis, also known as aurora borealis, likely.

Then the small electrically charged particles (dust) from the Sun will reach the Earth’s atmosphere and will burn up, which we observe as a colored “veil” of the Earth. We call it the aurora borealis, or northern lights. But this is very different from our country, for example, over Northern Europe or in Canada. He writes that there will probably be a real light show next night Weather Plaza.

Tonight and tonight, the effect of last Thursday’s solar flare is expected, but the exact time is not yet clear. The most favorable time for Nord Holland is the second half of the evening, between about 8 pm and midnight. During those hours, the Earth’s magnetic field is at a favorable location and the aurora can reach just south over Europe.

However, the weather forecast appears to be improving than initially expected. More clearance will appear from the west from mid-afternoon on Saturday, which could mainly affect the northern Netherlands. So keep your fingers crossed so we can see the aurora borealis tonight.

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