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Australian prison expelled for rat infestation

Australian prison expelled for rat infestation

Hundreds of inmates were evacuated from an Australian prison on Tuesday after rats entered the compound. The creatures made their way through ceilings and damaged the wires of the New South Wales Correctional Facility.

β€œThe health, safety and welfare of staff and prisoners is our number one priority. So it is important for us to act now and make basic repairs.” About 420 inmates and 200 Wellington Correctional Center staff will be transferred to other detention centers by the end of the month .

destroy mice For months already Farmers’ Crops and the Torture of Locals in Eastern Australia. Pests appear by the thousands, devouring the entire food supply and even infesting supermarkets in search of food. Local media reported that rats were bitten by several hospital patients.

The rat epidemic is the latest in a series of disasters to hit farmers. Years of drought followed months of devastating bushfires in late 2019 to early 2020. After that, torrential rains began, causing flooding in several areas.

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