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AW Poll: What did you pay for your current phone?

AW Poll: What did you pay for your current phone?

Every now and then we wonder how much are you spending right now on phones. We can then compare the results to previous years. It’s time to ask the question today: What did you pay for your current smartphone?

Phones are getting more and more expensive

Phones are getting more expensive, that’s for sure. So Samsung Galaxy S8 On S8 + At launch in 2017, 799 € and 899 €, respectively. this year , Galaxy S20And the Galaxy S20 Plus And the Galaxy S20 Ultra Suggested retail prices range from € 899 to € 1,549. There is a difference of 650 euros between the more expensive models, which is exactly the suggested retail price for one of the models Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 4G.

Samsung Galaxy S8 from 2017


So the recommended prices for Android phones have risen dramatically in recent years and this price increase depends on all sorts of factors. More money goes into development costs for the phone and the new technologies that are put into it. Nowadays you see one innovation after another. Rotatable phones, endoscope cameras, on-screen fingerprint scanners, in-screen selfie cameras, gesture control, etc. All of this takes research, time and money. In addition, every year we see Apple raise its prices for phones, and Android manufacturers often follow them obediently.

So we also see that phones in the middle segment are very popular. They keep getting better, and we’re taking notice From our reviews And phones with reasonable prices over 1000 euros and above the flagship.

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AW poll

We asked In 2019 Now though, we ask again: We’re interested in what you paid for your current phone. Leave your vote in the poll and give us your opinion in the comments at the bottom of this article.