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Barcelona to ban smoking on all beaches from July |  abroad

Barcelona to ban smoking on all beaches from July | abroad

The decision follows an investigation that began last year. In addition, smoking bans were tested on four of the ten local beaches in Barcelona (The city coast is five kilometers long, editor† According to Eloy Badia, a consultant on climate emergency and environmental transition, there were “very few” cigarette butts on beaches during that testing period. According to him, in addition to striving for a healthy environment and the protection of passive smokers, the measure is aimed at preventing the production of waste. For example, cigarette butts are an environmental problem because they take ten years before they disappear.

The local government confirms that Barcelona residents are also satisfied with the new measure. The city will implement the new ban in two phases. An awareness and awareness campaign will be conducted between April and June on the environmental and health benefits of smoke-free beaches. The ban will take effect from July. Anyone who does not comply with the rule will have to pay a fine of 30 euros.

Other Spanish regions were already ahead of Barcelona. For example, the Canary Islands, Andalusia, Galicia and Valencia have already imposed smoking bans on their beaches. Furthermore, Spain is said to be working on a new interpretation of tobacco law. For example, smoking will be banned in many public places by 2023, not just on beaches.

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