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Barguil and Kragh Andersen also surrender after the fall: 'Like a ferret towards a valley' |  Journey

Barguil and Kragh Andersen also surrender after the fall: ‘Like a ferret towards a valley’ | Journey

About 60 kilometers from Carcassonne, the peloton descended en masse yesterday in what motorcycle reporter Renate Schott described as an ambush.

“It was kind of a loose path and we slid over the stones,” said Roger Kluge, one of the victims who surrendered. “I felt like I didn’t break anything, but my back hurt so bad that I didn’t even think about getting back on my bike.”

At Team BikeExchange they lost 2 guys in the trap with Simon Yates and Lucas Hamilton. It was later determined that they, like Cluj, hadn’t broken anything, although a serious shoulder injury was found in Hamilton.

Warren Bargill finished the stage, but decided Saturday morning it was enough. “I was hoping to finish the tour, but this was too fall,” says the Frenchman from Arkéa-Samsic. “I can’t put any force in my right leg anymore. I don’t give up easily, but now my body says stop.”

Søren Kragh Andersen also no longer initially appears in Carcassonne. He suffered a concussion in the fall. “I hope the bad luck goes away for us,” said the DSM’s Dane, who won two more stages last year.

Not only did Rinat Schott get the feeling that the riders had cheated, no doubt subconsciously. Michael Woods reacts shockingly on Twitter.

“The responsibility for this fall lies with the organizers. There was no indication of anything and no signs to warn us that a gravel lane was coming.”

“This part had to be neutralized. It felt like a jump being pushed into the ravine. We are fortunate that no more riders were injured.”

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