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Bart de Pauw and most women descend ...

Bart de Pauw and most women descend …

The majority of the women who have brought a civil suit in the case against TV maker Bart de Pauw will also appear in court in Mechelen on Wednesday. Di Bao himself will also attend. The pleadings will take two days.

Three years, eleven months, and four days. It has been a long time since all the people of Flanders looked with wide eyes at the film that screenwriter, director and television maker Bart de Pauw sent to the world on November 9, 2017. β€œTo be clear: this is no joke,” De Pauw said in a minute-long message about the end of the collaboration. with VRT. As a result of stalking stories and explosions of text messages on younger women more often. At the time, Di Bao said he had no idea who he had talked about his behavior. Nearly four years later, the lawsuit was initiated by nine civil parties, and Di Pauw will face a number of women, according to various sources.

The two-day process begins at 9:30 AM. The vast majority of the first day is reserved for the pleadings of Christine Mossi and Anne Sophie Rice, lawyers who represent all the women, including the four women who have not filed civil suits, but whose court judges are also the peacock victims.

In the late afternoon, the plaintiff gives the floor. In the end, he will demand the punishment that the prosecution deems appropriate. TV maker Lier must respond to digital inconveniences and harassment, eg stalking. In theory, he risks up to two years in prison.

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No time to talk

Wednesday will be a long day for Di Bao. He will have to listen silently on the dock to hear how thirteen women experienced their (working) relationship with ex-VRT Goldcrest. According to John Mays, one of his attorneys, they wouldn’t talk for a second on the first day. Thursday is his much-anticipated defense time, and it’s his account of the way he’s faced all those texting with the women in question. After these two days, the court will consider the verdict.