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Bart Peters and Kamagorka make the last wish of a beloved baker's wife: "With a smile, that's how we've always known you" |  Ghent

Bart Peters and Kamagorka make the last wish of a beloved baker’s wife: “With a smile, that’s how we’ve always known you” | Ghent

Gent / LivegemAnnick Verneert (49) of Dewulf Bakery in Sint-Amandsberg died last week after a long illness. But in her last days, artist Kamagorka and singer Bart Peters made one last wish. For the program “Every Beroemd” they made a work of art that will be given a sweet spot in the family home in Lievegem.

“Last Wednesday, she passed away peacefully with a smile on her face. She was able to choose the moment herself.” Mark Deolph, 53, and Annick Wernert, 49, have been inseparable for nearly thirty years. Together they kept the Dewulf Bakery in Sint-Amandsberg open until an unknown cancer was discovered in the baker’s wife.

end of october 2020 The couple closed the doors of their bakery. They still enjoyed their last few months together. “We traveled a lot and visited friends,” Mark says. “There are things in life that you choose and things that you don’t. We chose 14 months of quality time. I have so many wonderful memories of that period.”

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Kamagorka made his hand out of cast iron. Annick nods to her family symbolically. © RV

Annick Wernert and Kamagorka on set.

Annick Wernert and Kamagorka on set. © RV

Dream Factory

One of those fond memories is visiting everyone’s famous a few weeks ago. After a lengthy treatment, Annick sent a card from the hospital to the editors. She would like to participate in De Droomfabriek, one of the divisions of the well-known TV show.

“Annick wanted to have a work of art made for our garden,” Mark says. “We can then look at it to remember it.” Recklessly, the baker’s wife sent her wish. When the thought disappeared from her mind for a while, Bart Peters suddenly appeared at the door. He went with the artist Kamagorka to Livegem, where the baker’s family has lived for four years.


Kamagurka made a cast iron sculpture in the form of a hand. “Annick waves us away,” Mark says. Some lifeline can be seen in the hand. They symbolize the path that the family still has to travel. tiptoe smiling again. “Smile, that’s how my wife has always known.”

“Right now, it’s still work in my bedroom,” Mark says. “We are redesigning the garden and then you will undoubtedly have a nice place.” Besides the work itself, the family was very satisfied with the pleasant reactions to the report. A piece from Everyone Famous has been watched countless times. “We noticed that Annick meant a lot to a lot of people,” Mark concludes.

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