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Be careful with stoves and other combustion devices in the home: RMI warns of carbon monoxide poisoning |  Weather News

Be careful with stoves and other combustion devices in the home: RMI warns of carbon monoxide poisoning | Weather News

It will be sunny for the first time today, although there will also be low clouds or fog locally. It will be sunny in the afternoon with a lot of veiling clouds, but more dense clouds will come over the northwest, where the sun can sometimes shine. Mercury rises to about 10 to 11 degrees above high Fens and to about 14 or 15 degrees elsewhere. The Republic of the Marshall Islands also warns of this Carbon dioxide poisoning: You have to pay attention to these symptoms.

Sunday afternoon we will have calm, dry autumn weather with a heavy onset of sun, and then more clouds from the northwest. Maximum temperatures range from 10 to 15 degrees with little wind. During the night from Sunday to Monday the cloud fields leave our country across the Southeast and it becomes almost clear. In the Ardennes there is a chance of fog and low clouds. Minimum temperatures range from -2 to 2 degrees south of Sambar and Mass and between 2 and 6 degrees elsewhere, with weak to moderate southeasterly winds at times.

RMI indicates that current weather conditions are a risk factor for carbon monoxide poisoning, for example when water heaters are used and fires when heating rooms. Pay special attention to symptoms such as “headache” or “tendency to vomit,” as they can be a result of carbon monoxide poisoning.

To prevent carbon monoxide poisoning, it is best to provide adequate ventilation in every room and especially in rooms where there is a combustion device – such as a stove or boiler – according to RMI. Have these devices serviced regularly by a recognized professional.

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I look ahead

Monday It will be sunny with thick clouds of veil. Clouds will thicken over the west in the late afternoon, but will still be dry. By evening she gradually became involved all over. The weather will be moderate with maximum temperatures between 14 and 19 degrees, with increased south winds. It will rain overnight through Tuesday.

Tuesday It turns gray at first with occasional light rain. During the afternoon, the sun shines and it becomes mainly dry. The temperature is 21 degrees locally with a moderate breeze from the southwest and then south.

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Wednesday In the morning it is still fairly dry with the sun veiled at times, especially in the eastern half of the country. During the afternoon, a cross-country rain area moves from west to east and becomes temporarily cloudy and rainy. With temperatures up to 19 or 20 degrees it is still moderate. There is a fairly strong wind blowing from south to southwest.

from Thursday The weather becomes noticeably fresher and windy with occasional rain or showers. The extremities drop to 15 degrees in the center. On Friday, cold, unstable polar air will flow into our region and it will become even colder.